The Villas at Rancho San Joaquin

Our community is part of a city-wide program directed at reducing Carbon neutrality by 2030. We are seeking volunteers to participate in this challenge. Several members of our community have completed the program and we are proud to report that those who participated in the program on average reduced their household carbon emissions by 10,025 pounds of CO2.

You will implement sustainability concepts on topics related to energy efficiency, water conservation, emergency preparedness, social justice and more!

Here is the best news on how this environmental program helped our neighborhood: a survey was given to our 144 members which asked these questions: do any members of your household have special needs, do any members of your household have special skills, resources, or equipment to assist in an emergency. As a result, we learned who our disabled members where and assigned assistants to them in the event of an emergency.  We now know who has emergency lifesaving skills. We know who has CERT training, (Community Emergency Response Team). We also know where the generators are located.


Contact Angie to sign up for the next Cool Irvine Program scheduled to begin this Spring.


Angie Dickson

5 Segura, Irvine, CA. 92612